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We will give you a WEDDING RECEPTION PLANNER that will help organize the formalities for your wedding reception. The Bride and Groom may wish to copy the completed planner before returning it to us, so they can pass it along to their photographer, caterer, and other persons who will be involved with the reception. This helps you to shape your reception any way you wish and makes those wishes clear instructions for everyone to follow.

As Wedding Presenters, we will tastefully carry out any announcements and formalities that you choose to do, from introductions to the final goodbyes. Also, we will play whatever songs you have selected and or take requests. Keep in mind that it is important to please your guests with their favorite music for dancing and listening. If you do not wish for us to take requests we will respect your wishes.

We have a master library of over 100,000 songs. We will send you a music catalog that is organized by category from Big Band to the present so you can highlight your favorites upon request. You may contact our office if you wish to hear a specific song listed in our master library. We have provisions to play music over the telephone so you or a family member can hear a song that they might want to use for a special dance.

The Following is a condensed version of what goes on at a wedding reception. We are by no means limited to this format. We work along with the you, reception hall, caterers, photographers, and with any other professionals you have hired for your reception to be sure everything runs smoothly. We will also base what we do on how your guests are responding to what is happening. It is our policy that the you will have the final decision.


While the guests are arriving, we are playing either a light or popular jazz, classical, or selections that you have chosen. Because your guests are spending time conversing with friends and relatives, we try to keep the music low - key and our volumes unobtrusive.


Usually the photographer will take the bridal party for pictures after the ceremony. When the Bride and Groom arrive at the Reception Hall, we usually do the Bridal Party introductions. We obtain the names when we meet with the Bride and Groom before their wedding date. We go over the pronunciation of each name for proper announcement. When introducing the Bridal Party they usually come through the front entrance or the person in charge of the Reception Hall may have a better suggestion.


The bride and groom select this song before the wedding day. We usually start the song with the Bride and Groom dancing, and half - way through we invite the parents and the bridal party to join in. If needed, we can also play a second song for the bridal party to join in, if the Bride and Groom wish to dance the entire first dance alone. The first dance is generally a very special moment for the Bride and Groom, and your guests set back and take pictures.


Sherwood InnTraditionally this is done by the "Best Man" before the dinner. We will announce the toast several minutes before it takes place so that everyone can be sure to have a full glass. The Maid or Matron of Honor", or Parents of the Bride & Groom can make a toast as well.


Again we play background music so your guests can again visit with one another as they are eating. The Bride and Groom can again pick any selections that they would like to hear. We can also play slow love songs and encourage couples to go to the dance floor and dance.


Doubletree WeddingThese dances are very special for the parents and the Bride and Groom. We can have the whole Bridal Party form a circle around each dance as well. When we meet with the Bride and Groom we can play as many selections to see what songs are best for these dances. The "Wedding Planner" that we send out has many selections to choose from.


After the first slow songs, we invite everyone to join in and we gradually pick up the pace of the music. In the beginning of the reception, we usually play a lot of popular oldies to get everyone involved in dancing. Again if the Bride and Groom have special preferences we will play what they have selected.


GreystoneThis takes place about a half hour after the dancing starts. We always check with the Host / Hostess or person in charge to see when they are ready since they will be passing out the cake. We will also make sure the photographer and the Bride and Groom are ready, then we will make an announcement for people to gather around the cake and take pictures.


This is a special dedication dance to all married couples at the wedding. The object is to get to the longest married couple by elimination. The Bride can give the couple her bouquet or a special gift if she wishes. The longest married couple can also give words of advice to the newlyweds.


In our planner we have some selections to choose from to get the single girls and guys up to the dance floor. A drum roll is used when throwing the bouquet and the garter. We also have some selections to choose from to take the garter off and to put the garter back on.


This is when the Bride and Groom dance with their guests for money. Two lines are formed, one behind the Maid or Matron of Honor and the other behind the Best Man. The Disc Jockey will continue to play music as long as it takes till everyone has had a chance to dance with the Bride and Groom.


These dances can be a lot of fun for your guests and gives everyone a chance to get to know each other better. These dances include Macarena, Electric Slide, Loco-motion, Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey, Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Cotton Eye Joe, Y.M.C.A., etc.. We can also play some ethnic music like Polkas, Irish Jigs, or Italian Music, etc.. If you do not wish to include these songs, we suggest they be added to the Do Not Play List. We have done many weddings that did not include participation dances.


We can organize a circle around the Salanger PhotographyBride and Groom and play the Bridal Dance again, inviting all to join in. If you do not wish to do this there is a list of other suggestions that are listed in our planner. We suggest using a song that is slow to end on a soft note. Another suggestion may be to use a song that will go along with your Honey Moon, such as: "Kokomo" if going to the Bahamas or "Happy Trails" if going camping. Just to name a few.

We hope that the information was useful in letting you know what The Great Music Company is all about. If there is one thing that we want to stress, it’s our strong belief that the Bride and Groom’s wishes are our first priority. If there are any questions about the information, please feel free to call or e-mail us anytime. We would like to say Congratulations, and may you have a lifetime of wonderful memories.

Remember most receptions are booked in the first quarter of the year, so please call us to reserve The Great Music Company for your reception, or to make an appointment. We would like to be a part of your day.

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