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As you plan their special day, remember that entertainment is one of the most important elements for a successful Bat/Bar Mitzvah.  No other single element will effect more how you and your guests remember their celebration than a fun and energetic Bat/Bar Mitzvah.  Each client will be dealt with professionally and honestly from start to finish.  Our business is built on referrals.  Your satisfaction is our number one goal.  Always.

At The Great Music Company, our Disc Jockeys are dedicated in making every Bat/Bar Mitzvah special.  They will provide the right atmosphere to keep your guests dancing all night.  Each of our Disc Jockeys brings with them their professional attitudes and their enthusiasm shows that they love what they do.  Our entertainers are experienced in interacting with your guests and tastefully involving them in the fun.

We at The Great Music Company take great pride in our extensive music library that consists of over 100,000 songs. We will bring over 10,000 titles that include categories from the Big Band Era to the most current Top 40.  They include Oldies, Dance, Rock, Country, etc.  Our music is updated weekly to maintain your most current favorites.

The Great Music Company has state of the art audio equipment.  Each system is clean looking and features life-like sounds of high bit rate MP3s.  We use only the finest in professional audio equipment such as JBL, Denon, and Crown.  Add a light show and watch the party come alive. Let your guests be the entertainment for part of the celebration and have Karaoke.  Our digital sound and lighting systems are second to none.

The Great Music Company is dedicated to working with the Guest of Honor in planning a day that is so special.  You'll love our affordable packages customized to your tastes!

Planning the Bat/Bar Mitzvah

We will give you a Bat/Bar Mitzvah Planner that will help organize the formalities for their celebration.  The Guest of Honor may wish to copy the completed planner before returning it to us, so they can pass it along to their photographer, caterer, and other professionals who will be involved with the celebration.  This helps you to shape your Mitzvah any way you wish and makes those wishes clear instructions for everyone to follow.

We have a master library of over 250,000 songs.  We will send you a catalog of over 5,000 titles.  This catalog is organized by category from "Big Band" to the present top 40 so that you can highlight your favorites upon request.  You can contact our office if you wish to hear a specific song that is on the list or in our library.  We have provisions to play music over your phone so the Guest of Honor or a family member can hear a song they may want for a special dance.

As Disc Jockeys, we will play whatever songs you have selected or take requests.  Always try to keep in mind to want to please your guests.  If the Guest of Honor does not wish for us to take requests we will respect their wishes.

The following is a condensed version of what goes on at a Bat/Bar Mitzvah.  We are by no means limited to this format.  We work along with the Guest of Honor, Reception Hall, Caterers, Photographers, and with any other professionals you've hired for your celebration to be sure everything runs smoothly.  We will also base what we do on how your guests are responding to what is happening.  It is our policy that the Guest of Honor has the final decision.


After the guests have arrived, the cocktail hour is an opportunity for the adults to socialize.  Instead of having the Guest of Honor and friends stand around we suggest that we break the ice with a few games or you can have them do some Karaoke to entertain the adults.  The Guest of Honor may want to have high energy music to be played or just want to have background music instead.


As the guests enter the dining room, upbeat music can be playing as well as the lights going to the beat of the music.  After everyone has found their seats we do the formal introductions of the family.  We obtain the names ahead of time when we meet with the Guest of Honor before the celebration.  We go over the pronunciation of each name for proper announcement.  When introducing the Guest of Honor & Family they usually come through the front entrance or the person in charge of the Hall may have a better suggestion.


The candle lighting ceremony is a traditional activity done at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.  It involves the Guest of Honor calling up 13 individuals or groups of individuals that have been important in their life.  While they are being announced we can play specific songs for each name that is announced or play one continuous song.  Normally the Great Grandparents are first, followed by Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, cousins, teachers, close friends of the family, school friends, siblings and then parents.  If the Guest of Honor chooses not to announce we can call up the guests ourselves.


After the candle lighting is through we can prepare for the prayers to lead us into dinner.  The Host can introduce who will be saying the prayers and hand them a wireless mic so they can stand at their seat or with the Guest of Honor.  Following the prayers we can do the traditional toast.  Typically the Father gives the toast.  In the past we have had more than one toast and we can accommodate for that.  Again we obtain this information ahead of time.


During dinner we can play background music or music that the Guest of Honor has picked out from our music list.  We can place "Request Cards" ahead of time at each table for your guests so they can be thinking of what they would like to hear later on .  If the Guest of Honor wishes not to have the cards on the tables we will again honor that as well.


This dance is very special for the Guest of Honor and parents.  This is generally a slow song.  When we get together before the event we go over these special songs and we can play as many selections to see what songs are best for this dance.  We have some suggestions in our planner to choose from or we can play their choice as well.  We can have all the guests form a circle around the Guest of Honor and parent to make it even more special. 


Kids and teenagers tend to finish eating before the adults do.  Therefore they need to be entertained while the adults are finishing up or mingling.  In our planner we have many games to choose from.  Again when we meet with the Guest of Honor, he or she lets us know which games they would like to do and when they would like to do them.  We are spontaneous as well so we know if we have to change plans to fit the needs of your guests.


Interaction is the key!  These dances can be a lot of fun for your guests and gives everyone a chance to get to know each other better.  We have over 20 participation dances to choose from.  We can help in leading the guests in the dances as well.


Before the last dance we can form a circle around the Guest of Honor, or if he or she is shy we can have them be a part of circle, and then we pass the mic around for everyone to offer best wishes.  We can play a song in the background preferably a slow song.


In our planner we have many selections to choose from for the last dance.  Again we can play them for the Guest of Honor to see which one is the best choice for them.  We do suggest it to be a sing-a-long song to have everyone get involved before they leave the celebration.

       We hope that the information was useful in letting you know what The Great Music Company is all about.  If there is one thing that we want to stress, it's our strong belief that the Guest of Honor's wishes are our first priority .  If there are any questions about the information, please feel free to call us anytime.  We would like to say Congratulations and may it always be a celebration to remember.

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